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No Removal Policy for Voting Sites ColoradoResidentdb,

These voting sites display public voting records on their website including full legal names, phone numbers, birthdates and voting party affiliation. They are collecting Google Adsense and other advertising revenue. They currently provide no personal opt-out policy. We do not know who owns these websites but if you … Read More

Remove Your Name from

If you are registered to vote in Florida, it is likely that your full legal name, date of birth, address, voter id, party and race appear on New Hampshire Political Protester Tom Alciere's website. According to Tom Alciere's website, there is a new online option at the bottom of every page to request the removal of your voter information from his website. To do so, 1. Find your information on is website and go to the very bottom of the page. 2. Select the check … Read More

A List of Fake News Sites

Andover Massachusetts Merrimack College Assistant Professor of Communications Melissa "Mish" Zimdars has compiled a list of the controversial fake news websites. Below is her list that she is still updating. More importantly both Google and Facebook say they have updated their policies to ban fake news sites from their advertising networks. Most of these fake news sites are generating revenue from Google's Adsense Advertising Network or Facebook's Audience Network. … Read More

Obscurity Online Project targets major mugshot websites

The Obscurity Online Project by Hacktivist Paolo Cirio targets,,,, and The project Obscurity targets mug-shot websites by cloning them and scrambling their data to obfuscate the information on tens of millions of individuals who have been incarcerated in the U.S. The names, last names, and mug-shots are shuffled and the photos blurred to make the individuals listed unrecognizable, … Read More

Who Owns by Fusion TV

These are the three individuals that are alleged to own - Sahar Sarid, Thomas Keesee and Marc Epstein. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Other See Anonymous Takes on … Read More

Sportscaster Erin Andrews is a Role Model for Internet Privacy with Stalking Lawsuit

After her stalker who secretly shot nude videos of Sportscaster Erin Andrews was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison, the jury trial begins on February 23, 2016 in the $75 Million lawsuit against the Nashville Marriott. Back in 2009, the peephole video appeared on sites like megaupload, rapidshare, torrents and mediafire. Since then the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and sites like YouTube, have been very responsible in removing them very … Read More

Family members sentenced to life in prison in U.S. cyberstalking case

From Reuters: A U.S. man and his sister were sentenced to life in prison on Thursday for cyberstalking that led to the shooting death of the man's former wife and her friend in a Delaware courthouse lobby ahead of a contentious child custody hearing. David Matusiewicz, his sister Amy Gonzalez and his mother Lenore were convicted in U.S. District Court in Delaware last July of cyberstalking resulting in death, the first successful application of federal law on the … Read More

European Union’s Right To Be Forgotten Will Now Apply to Google.Com

Google will finally start scrubbing search results across all its websites when accessed from a European country to conform to the Europe's "Right to Be Forgotten" privacy regulations. The European Court of Justice ruled in May 2014 that people could ask search engines such ass and Microsoft's Bing to remove inadequate or irrelevant information that appears under searches for their name. The company will filter according to the user's IP address. Prior to the … Read More

Whitehouse Cybersecurity National Action Plan

Taking bold actions to protect Americans in today’s digital world. From the beginning of his Administration, the President has made it clear that cybersecurity is one of the most important challenges we face as a Nation, and for more than seven years he has acted comprehensively to confront that challenge.  Working together with Congress, we took another step forward in this effort in December with the passage of the Cybersecurity Act of 2015, which provides important … Read More

Ashley Madison Site Hacked – Offers Free Removal

After hackers allegedly stole the data of over 37 million Ashley Madison users, they are now offering a free removal. Ashley Madison is a married dating and extramarital affairs website. Their slogan is: "Life is short. Have an affair." The removal includes all information related to a member's profile and communications activity. The process involves a hard-delete of a requesting user's profile, posted pictures and all messages sent to the system users' email … Read More

CheaterVille Website Taken Down!

The website launched in 2011 owned by James McGigney has removed all of their user submitted photos of alleged cheaters. On their home page they disclosed that they are re-routing all of the indexed search results of cheaters to their home page. Since CheaterVille did theoretically not have a removal policy, we believe this is an important step toward shutting down websites like these. We don't know the exact reason the site was taken down but hope … Read More

Revenge Porn Website Owner Found Guilty of 27 Felony Counts

The website owner Kevin Blollaert, 28-years old was found guilty of 27 felony counts for created a revenge porn website where he posted more than 10,000 sexually explicit photos of women online to extort hundreds of dollars from each. He was convicted of 21 identity theft and 6 extortion counts. The case was the first of its kinds filed by the California attorney general centered around the now defunct website called In 2013, Gov. … Read More

Adding Yourself to the National Do Not Call Registry

Today, we are testing the National Do Not Call Registry and we're re-adding our business phone numbers, residential and cell phones to the National Do Not Call Registry. 1. Here's the link to the site: 2. Here are the Steps below. You no longer need a credit card. You can register 3 phone numbers with one email address. 3. To submit a complaint if you receive an unwanted call after your number was on the National Registry … Read More

Breaking: Who Owns BustedMugshots.coms &

For years, many of us in the Internet Reputation Management Industry that have no affiliation with any of these sites have wondered who owns them. Like many individuals whose photos have appeared on this website, we too have checked the Domain Name Ownership records and Hosting providers as well as other public Internet documents. In the past, there has been numerous amounts of conflicting information on the owners and operators. A December 2013 Inside Edition story … Read More

Who owns

As lawmakers including several potential class action lawsuits have pushed to get these sites shutdown are at the very least removed from the Search Engine Results, the identities or ownrers of these websites have finally become public knowledge. The identity the owner of one of the major mugshot websites appears to be Arthur D'Antonio who resides in Costa Mesa, California and operates ( and ( As those … Read More

Breaking: Who owns

For years, many of us in the Internet Reputation Management Industry that have no affiliation with any of these sites have wondered who owns them. One of these sites is Like many individuals whose photos have appeared on this website, we too have checked the Domain Name Ownership records and Hosting providers as well as other public Internet documents. In the past, there has been numerous amounts of conflicting information on the owners and … Read More – Site Owner Charged with 31 Felony Counts

  The website owner of and, Kevin Bollaert, 27 of San Diego, California was charged with 31 felony counts of conspiracy, identity theft and extortion by the California State Attorney General's Office. If you were victimized by this website, see the link below for filing a complaint. As part of the public posting, required the full name of the person, location, age and Facebook Profile Link. The second … Read More – Brian Holloway – Brings Minors & Internet Privacy to the Forefront

Ex-NFL star and Stanford Alum Brian Holloway is indirectly bringing the issue of Internet Privacy and Minors to the national media with his website On Labor Day Weekend, approximately 300 house-crashing teens were partying at his vacant Rensselaer County Vacation Home. It caused $20,000 in estimated damages. The photos and names of these teens, many posted by those at the party, are now indexed by the Search Engines and have become a permanent … Read More

Vine App Privacy Settings – How to Make Vine Private

Vine is the mobile service that lets users create and share short looping videos. All videos published to Vine are public like Twitter posts. Since you can't currently make these videos private, here are recommended privacy settings for your Vine App including information about deleting a video post and blocking users. Vine Privacy Settings 1. Vine Videos - Videos you post to Vine will appear on your Vine Profile, Timelines of your Vine followers. You can also … Read More

How to Block a User on Instagram

Here are the steps to Block a User on Instagram. To block or unblock someone: Go to their profile by tapping  at the bottom of the app and searching for their name or username Tap  in the upper-right corner of their profile Tap Block User or Unblock User Reference Blocking People ( … Read More

Florida HB 677 – Mugshot Removal Bill

Finally, a Politician that understands Internet Privacy, Rep. Carl Zimmerman, D-Palm Harbor has introduced Florida HB 677, a Mugshot Removal Bill. With an Effective Date of October 1, 2013, the bill requires that operators of Mugshot Websites remove a person's name & information within a specified period after notice that person is acquitted or charges are dropped or otherwise resolved without conviction. It provides for a civil penalty against Mugshot Websites in … Read More

How to Disable YouTube Watch History & YouTube Search History

As a default setting, tracks both your Viewing History and Search History. Here are the privacy settings to disable the collection of this information. 1. Login to your Account. 2. Go to 3. Select the Videos you want to Remove from your YouTube Watch History then click [Remove] or click [Clear all watch history]. Click [Pause watch history] to disable the collection of this information by and … Read More

Facebook Timeline and Tagging Privacy Settings

After the Randi Zuckerberg Facebook Photo Sharing incident, it appears that most Facebook Users have not properly set their Facebook Privacy and Timeline and Tagging Setting. Here is's recommended Privacy and Timeline & Tagging Settings. Recommended Privacy Settings 1) Privacy Settings - Settings, Privacy Settings Who can see your future posts? We recommend you limit your audience for your default setting using the Custom Setting. To … Read More

How to Remove SchoolFeed from Facebook

SchoolFeed owned by acts like a Virus If you get the above screen, do not click Cancel. If you do, it will still act like a virus and post the original SchoolFeed post on your Wall to your Facebook Profile Page. SchoolFeed, was purchased in 2012 by the owner of You do not need this application, if you want to see your friends on, go directly to that site. There is no advantage to using SchoolFeed, it is predatory and … Read More

How to Remove or Change Your Yahoo Local Listing for Free

If you have a local business and want to Add, Change or Remove your Business Listing, Yahoo has a new website: We changed our listing at no-charge. It is similar to the process at Google Local and Bing Local. You can verify your business listing by email, phone or post card. The Yahoo Small Business Center has a URL that uses this interface. This process took about 30 days to change. There is a contact form to customer support if you want to … Read More

How to Change Your Business Listing for Free in 60 Days

Free Business Listing Add, Change, Remove 1. Go to and search for your Business. 2. If you business is listed, click on the link "Add, edit or remove a business listing". 3. You can go to ( and register for an account to claim the listing. They will allow to change your Business Listing Information. They estimated it would take 55 days to complete the change. 4. You can email … Read More

Rhode Island Voter Information –

Tom Alciere, Political Activist, New Hampshire Politician, Public Information Protester, Data Broker or whatever name you want to give him has launched a new website generated with public record data. This time it is that contains Rhode Island voters' names, dates of birth, phone numbers and addresses. Tom Alciere of Nashua, N.H. was forced to resign in 2001 from his seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives after it was discovered that he'd … Read More

How to Remove Yourself from CheaterVille

If any an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-husband, ex-wife posted a message on James McGibney's CheaterVille site (see photo), it's virtually impossible to remove unless you know the identity of the  poster. The problem with the CheaterVille site is that is allows the poster to be virtually anonymous. The poster gets to write anything about the "alleged" cheater and the poster only has to signup with a email address. In fact if CheaterVille were served with a subpoena … Read More

How to Remove Banjo – Someone Just Viewed Your Profile

Banjo Notification - Someone viewed your Banjo Profile Are you one of the 2 Million Banjo ( users that is using the Banjo Mobile Application? This Social Discovery App works like many of the Dating sites and and sends a mobile notification to the user when you view their profile. Here are some tips for anonymous viewing on Banjo. Banjo Users - Although you see Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn and Facebook users, only registered Banjo users … Read More

How To Remove Trending Videos from Facebook – Socialcam Trending Videos

Step-by-Step Instructions - Remove Facebook Trending Videos In May 2012, Facebook launched a new Trending Videos widget that is automatically posted to your Facebook News Feed. What is intrusive about this feed is that the top videos are from Socialcam or Viddy, and to watch these trending videos you once again must install these Social Media Apps. In addition, the Facebook Privacy settings do not provide a privacy setting to enable or disable Facebook Trending Videos. … Read More RSS fee Internet Removal YouTube Account Twitter Internet Removal, Facebook