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How To Remove Personal Information from the Internet

The Definitive list of Companies aggregating, collecting, publishing and/or selling of public and personal information for use on the Internet. This list includes:

  • Data Brokers (ChoicePoint, LexisNexis, US Search)
  • Background Check sites (
  • Direct Marketing Companies (
  • Online Directories (
  • Local Directories (Bing Local, Google Maps, Yelp)
  • Mugshot sites (
  • People Finder sites (Intelius, MyLife, Spokeo)
  • Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Voter Lists sites (

We provide information on how to remove your personal information from these websites and the link to their opt-out page.

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The Internet Removal Privacy Company Directory : Entry # 107
Website Name
LSSiData (Volt Information Services)
Data Brokers
How to Remove
No Removal Policy
Opt Out
Removal Instructions
No Removal Policy - LSSi Data does not provide public or consumer access to their data.

Data Sources include:
- Phone Company or Carrier/Telco Data
- New Mover Data
- VoIP
- Cable Company

Company Data Broker Information

LSSiDATA is the only non-telecommunication provider to compile contact information directly from all carriers in North America.

- Data resellers rely on LSSiDATA for the most recently updated residential and business contact information.
- Carriers depend on LSSiDATA as the data resource for 411 services.

LSSiDATA's National Directory Assistance Database is the most current, accurate and timely source of name, address and telephone number data available. They key to its value is that the file receives over two million updates daily, making it current and accurate!

Additional data sets include New Connect Data, Wireless data, and a file of telephone listings that are comprised of VoIP listings, non-published telephone numbers and other listings that cannot be categorized as being standard "land-lines" nor wireless listings which is referred to as LandLine Plus


*Companies with No Removal Policy, some are located in Countries outside the United States.

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