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How To Remove Personal Information from the Internet

The Definitive list of Companies aggregating, collecting, publishing and/or selling of public and personal information for use on the Internet. This list includes:

  • Data Brokers (ChoicePoint, LexisNexis, US Search)
  • Background Check sites (
  • Direct Marketing Companies (
  • Online Directories (
  • Local Directories (Bing Local, Google Maps, Yelp)
  • Mugshot sites (
  • People Finder sites (Intelius, MyLife, Spokeo)
  • Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Voter Lists sites (

We provide information on how to remove your personal information from these websites and the link to their opt-out page.

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The Internet Removal Privacy Company Directory : Entry # 110
Website Name
KnowX (LexisNexis)
People Finder / Background Check
How to Remove
Submit Online Form
Opt Out
Removal Instructions
Searching is $2.95 Per Record

Documentation Required for Opt-Out Request

Each opt-out request must include documentation substantiating the risk of physical harm or the individual's status as an identity theft victim or as a person otherwise meeting the above criteria. LexisNexis reserves the right to determine in its sole reasonable discretion what documentation meets the above criteria. If your opt-out request is not approved we will promptly inform you about that determination.

If you are a law enforcement officer or public official, submit a letter from your supervisor stating that your position exposes you to a threat of death or serious bodily harm; or

If you are a victim of identity theft, submit a copy of a police report documenting the identity theft or documentation that verifies the identity theft claim such as a letter from your credit card company, and an Identity Theft Affidavit; or

If you are at risk of physical harm but do not work in law enforcement, submit a copy of a court protective order, a copy of a police report or similar documentation such as a letter from a social worker, a shelter administrator or a health care professional

All opt-out requests may be submitted using the online form at the link below. If the supporting documentation cannot be uploaded, individuals may submit their requests online, but also must email or mail the supporting documents to this address:

LexisNexis Opt-Out
PO Box 933
Dayton, OH 45401

CLICK HERE to submit your opt-out request as set forth above.


*Companies with No Removal Policy, some are located in Countries outside the United States.

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