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How To Remove Personal Information from the Internet

The Definitive list of Companies aggregating, collecting, publishing and/or selling of public and personal information for use on the Internet. This list includes:

  • Data Brokers (ChoicePoint, LexisNexis, US Search)
  • Background Check sites (
  • Direct Marketing Companies (
  • Online Directories (
  • Local Directories (Bing Local, Google Maps, Yelp)
  • Mugshot sites (
  • People Finder sites (Intelius, MyLife, Spokeo)
  • Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Voter Lists sites (

We provide information on how to remove your personal information from these websites and the link to their opt-out page.

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The Internet Removal Privacy Company Directory : Entry # 152
Website Name
People Finder / Social Media
How to Remove
Online Registration - Claim Listing
Opt Out
Removal Instructions
PRIVACY POLICY: We do NOT sell or redistribute any information that you hide or that we determine is sensitive personal information that could cause distress if it were to be made public. This includes any contact information of anyone that does not wish to have it published. MAEGIC is being developed to give harmless people and entities control over what information of theirs that they want accessible on the Internet, we can NOT protect you if you do not specify what information you wish to share and which information you want to keep private.


*Companies with No Removal Policy, some are located in Countries outside the United States.

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