How to Remove Personal Information from Google

Removing Content from Google Search Results

WInformation Removal Googleho To Contact

Google does not accept complaints for incorrect, inaccurate or defamatory content in their Search Engine Results. If you want to remove unwanted content from third party websites appearing in Google Web Search Results pages, you will need to contact the Business Owner of that website. You can request the Content or Information Removal from Google under the following circumstances:

  • Your Social Security Number or Government ID Number appears in Google (Report Here)
  • Your Bank Account or Credit Card Number appears in Google (Report Here)
  • An Image of your Handwritten Signature appears in Google (Report Here)
  • Your First and Last Name or the Name of your Business appears on an Adult Content site in Google (Report Here)
  • A site using the Google trademark or logo for fraudulent purposes appears in Google (Report Here)
  • A site engaging in Suspicious Behavior is running a Google AdWords Campaign (Report Here)
  • A site with a trademark infringement in an iGoogle Theme (Report Here)
  • A copyright infringement (Report Here)
  • You have a court order declaring content unlawful (Report Here)
  • Report Malware, Phishing to Google (Report Here)
  • Products or services that circumvent copyright protection mechanisms (Report Here)

Contacting the Business Owner of the Website

If the site is publishing incorrect, inaccurate or defamatory content on their website, there’s a good possibility getting a response form the business owner may not be easy. Here are some common approaches.

  • Contact Form or Contact Email Address – You can use the content information on their website and ask that your request be forwarded to the Business Owner.
  • WhoIs – For all websites, there is a email address in the Domain Record of the Business.
  • Hosting Company – You can try contacting the Hosting Company.

We can assist Individuals and Businesses in getting personal information removed from Google by contacting us.



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