How to Remove your name from the Public Voter Registration List

Remove Your Name from Voter List, Remove Name from Voter Registration Lists

The following companies are Data Brokers that maintain over 190 Million Voter Registration Records in the United States. This includes voting histories, demographics, hobbies, income, donor histories and 500 other attributes. Their records are updated and vetted from the Election Boards, County Clerks and Voter Registrars.

On the website, they state “Your voter registration is a public record, we cannot change that. In some states, if you are a police officer, Judge or have your information suppressed by statue, you can contact the local supervisor of elections and have your information suppressed for no cost. However, they go on to say, “Because we are not a governmental agency, we can suppress your personally identifiable registration information online, but we charge a nominal fee for that service. We charge a nominal one time flat fee of $2.00 to suppress your information on our website.”



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