Do You Have Social Media Privacy Concerns?

Social Media Privacy Service

The Default Privacy Settings in most Social Media Sites and Applications are to share personal information and most users do not take the time when creating their Social Media Account to opt-out of these Privacy Settings. Some of the most common unintended private information disclosures are:

  • – Disclosing your Full Birthday to the Public and Friends of Friends
  • – Disclosing your photos to the Public and Friends of Friends
  •, FourSquare – Disclosing your Personal Email Address to the Public and Friends of Friends.
  • – Allowing Profile Viewing Notifications to be sent to the LinkedIn Member’s Profiles you viewed
  • Apple Mobile Devices – Allowing your exact location to be tracked by the Apple Find Friends Application.

Here is a list of personal information that is commonly shared by Social Media Applications.

  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number – Business
  • Phone Number – Home
  • Address – Home
  • Address – Business
  • Contacts – Friends
  • Contacts – Business
  • Email Address – Business
  • Email Address – Home
  • Geolocation – Mobile Phone
  • Geolocation – Dinning Locations
  • Photos – Family
  • Photos – Children
  • Profile Viewing Notifications

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