– Brian Holloway – Brings Minors & Internet Privacy to the Forefront

Brian Holloway Help Me Save 300

Ex-NFL star and Stanford Alum Brian Holloway is indirectly bringing the issue of Internet Privacy and Minors to the national media with his website On Labor Day Weekend, approximately 300 house-crashing teens were partying at his vacant Rensselaer County Vacation Home. It caused $20,000 in estimated damages. The photos and names of these teens, many posted by those at the party, are now indexed by the Search Engines and have become a permanent record for these teenagers.

As a service provider in the Internet Reputation Management Industry, we urge these parents and their lawyers to come to a swift settlement with Brian Holloway. If your son or daughter’s photo or name appears on his website, we would advise you to act quickly to negotiate with him to get it removed. As you know, these photos may have the future impact to cause irreparable damage to your son or daughter’s reputation. If you are one of these kids that attended this party, then as a member of this new social media generation you become the first group to deal with this issue of Internet Privacy and Minors.

According to his website, they were allegedly from the following high schools and colleges: Berlin Central, New Lebanon High School, Tamarac High School, Christian Brothers Academy, Shaker High School, Waterford High School, Averil Park High School, Columbia High School and Utica College trashed his Stephentown, New York House. Many of these High School and College Students posted pictures of the party on their Twitter accounts, many that are still active with these photos.

Brian Holloway -

With the launch of his website, Brian Holloway is re-posting the photos that these high school and college students posted. Additionally, a deeper look into the website show that the following names appear in the source code of the site:

The Daily News is now reporting that some of the parents of the teens are considering lawsuits against Brian Holloway, the former New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders Offensive Lineman.

On Saturday, September 21, 2013, Brian Holloway is again asking these parents and the teens to come to his house to help clean up. During a previous event, only one parent showed up as well as some teens from a local high school.


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