How to Remove Your iPhone Address Book from Twitter in 5 Minutes

Twitter - How to Remove Cell Phone Address Book from Twitter

Your iPhone Contacts are Stored in Twitter’s Servers

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Twitter has acknowledged that after mobile users tap the “Find friends” feature on its smartphone app, the company downloads users’ entire address book, including email addresses and phone numbers, and keeps the data on its servers for 18 months.

Removal Instructions – Twitter Find Friends Address Book

1. Log-in to your Twitter Account.

2. Go to:

Twitter Find Friends Page – click here

Twitter - Remove Address Book iPhone

3. Click on the Remove link.

Remove Mobile Address Book from Twitter

4. Click Yes to delete your iPhone or Mobile Address Book that Twitter is storing on their servers for 18 months.

Remove Address Book from Twitter

After clicking on Remove, you will receive a confirmation message that your contacts have been removed. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see which contacts they had.

Los Angeles Times – Twitter stores full iPhone contact list for 18 months, after scan

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