Vine App Privacy Settings – How to Make Vine Private

Vine is the mobile service that lets users create and share short looping videos. All videos published to Vine are public like Twitter posts. Since you can’t currently make these videos private, here are recommended privacy settings for your Vine App including information about deleting a video post and blocking users.

Vine Privacy Settings

1. Vine Videos – Videos you post to Vine will appear on your Vine Profile, Timelines of your Vine followers. You can also share your posts with Twitter and Facebook.
2. Deleting Video Posts – If you have uploaded a video and want to delete it, you can tap on the icon with three dots just below the video. If you have shared it on Twitter or Facebook, the link to the post will still appear but will not play. You will need to delete the post separately on Twitter or Facebook.
3. Sign-up – You should sign-up for your Vine Account using your Email Address rather than Facebook or Twitter. By doing so, you can change your user name in Vine as described below.
4. User Name – To secure your privacy, you can change your user name in Vine. Vine does not require a unique User Name. To change your Profile, tap Profile, Settings. Vine has a Search for People Directory and by removing your User Name, you should be removed from this directory.
5. Location – To secure your privacy, you can omit your Location. To remove or change your location, tap Profile, Settings.
6. Social Networks – To secure your privacy, you may not want to connect your Twitter and Facebook Accounts to your Vine App. Unfortunately, this would make it more difficult to Find your friend’s Vine Profiles.
7. Vine Profile Picture – If you signed up using Twitter, your Vine Profile picture will be the same as your Twitter account. You can change this in your Vine Profile Settings.
8. Address Book – Vine has a feature that will enable you to Find Your Friends from your local Mobile Device Address Book. To secure your privacy, you may not want to use this feature.
9. Unpublished Videos to Device Video Library – If you create a video and do not share it to Vine (Twitter or Facebook), the video ends up in your Device Video Library. The Video will not appear in the Vine App Activity.
10. Blocking a User – To block a user on Vine, navigate to that account’s profile and tape the three dots of the top menu bar and select “Block this person.”
11. Privacy – In general, you should consider the privacy consequences before posting to Vine. There are several new third party Apps including that are re-posting Vine Videos.

Twitter has publicly mentioned that “we will add more ways for you to control the visibility of your content in a future version of Vine.” See the Reference information below.

Someone has started a online petition here to push Twitter into allow Vine Private Accounts.

FAQs about Vine

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