– Site Owner Charged with 31 Felony Counts, Kevin Bollaert,


The website owner of and, Kevin Bollaert, 27 of San Diego, California was charged with 31 felony counts of conspiracy, identity theft and extortion by the California State Attorney General’s Office. If you were victimized by this website, see the link below for filing a complaint.

As part of the public posting, required the full name of the person, location, age and Facebook Profile Link. The second website, owned by Kevin Bollaert charged up to $350 to remove the content. The other site operators were Eric Chanson; Chanson’s Parents: Roy Chanson, Amy Chanson and Blue Mist Media LLC.  Both of these website are now shutdown.

If you were victimized by this website, you are urged to file a complaint with the California Attorney General’s Office.

File A Complaint Against

Here is the link. Site Owner Kevin Bollaert

Kevin Bollaert,,

How To Report Copyright Infringement – Website Content

How to report website copyright infringement, duplicate content

If someone duplicated your content without your permission, you are entitled to request that they delete the page, remove the search terms and remove the entry from the Search Engines. We had this occur to some of our content recently where the stolen content was replicated word-for-word including the image links to our site. The website owner subsequently removed the content but the search engines were recognizing the duplicate content as well as the duplicated content checkers. Here is the process we used.

How to Check for Duplicate Content

Protected by Copyscape Duplicate Content Tool

a) We used the Copyscape Free Service and entered the website address of our page at – Check for Duplicate Content

Free - Check for Duplicate Content

In our case, Copyscape returned a website that had copied our exact content and even included direct image links to our website. - Copyright Infringement

Other info

  • – – Check for Duplicate Content
  • Copyscape – they offer a Premium service at 5 cents per page for detecting duplicate content
  • – they provide a subscription service for $10 per month with plagiarism scanning, image watermarking and a DMCA Takedown guide.

How Remove the Duplicate Content

b). Find the Website Contact Information

  • Search the WHOIS Records using the site – Click Here to Search the WHOIS Records
  • Write down the Current Registrar: (in our case it was
  • Write down the IP Address:
  • Write down the Registrant Name and Address:
  • Write down the Administrative Contact Name:
  • Write down the Administrative Contact email address:
  • Write down the Administrative Contact Phone and Fax Number:
c) Find out the Name of the Hosting Provider
Arin Whois Hosting Provider Contact info
  • Go to the website:
  • Enter the IP Address in step 3 above.
  • Write down the email address of the Point of Contact:

d)  Write and Send a Cease and Desist Letter

Sample Cease and Desist Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to you to avail myself of my rights under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This letter is a Notice of Infringement as authorized in § 512(c) of the U.S. Copyright Law. I wish to report an instance of what I feel in good faith is an instance or Copyright Infringement. The infringing material appears on the Service for which you are the designated agent.

You are registered with the U.S. Copyright Office as the Designated Service Provider Agent to receive notifications of alleged Copyright infringement with respect to users of the Service for which you are the Designated Agent.

1. The material which I contend belongs to me, and appears illegally on the Service is the following:


2. The material appears at the website addresses:


3. The material appears on my Web site at these addresses:


4. The infringing material is available through the following search results and links


5. My contact information is as follows:


6. I have a good faith belief that the use of the material that appears on the service is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or by operation of law.

7. The information in this notice is accurate, and I am either the copyright owner or I am authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.

I declare under the perjury laws of the United States of America that this notification is true and correct.

Signed: <<YOUR NAME>>

Source: Licensed under Creative Commons License from

How to Report Copyright Infringement – Websites

e) We reported the copyright infringement to:

  • The Website Owner Email Address
  • The Hosting Provider Email Address
  • Google DMCA Copyright Reporting Link
  • Copyright Claims Department Email Address-

You can contact us if you need assistance in getting duplicate content removed from third party websites.

Topix Anonymous Poster Lawsuit – Jury Awards $13 Million

Topix Anonymous Poster Lawsuit, troll lawsuit

A Texas Jury has awarded $13.8 Million to Mark Lesher & Rhonda Lesher in the Anonymous Poster case in Lesher v. Topix. This was a defamation lawsuit against anonymous message board posters on the popular website The McClatchy Company, Tribune Company and Gannett media companies have a an ownership in Topix. Mark and Rhonda Lesher of Clarksville, Texas filed the suit against the anonymous posters who accused them of being sexual deviants, molesters and drug dealers. In February 2009, a Texas judge ordered Topix to turn over identifying information about the anonymous posters (or Trolls) including the IP Addresses, or the unique name assigned to each computer. This led to the couple that had accused the Leshers of sexual assault in 2008. The The jury ordered Jerry Coyel to pay Mark Lesher $5.1 million for mental anguish and loss of reputation. Shannon Coyel and Charlie Doesher must pay $1.7 million each. Jerry Coyel must pay Rhonda Lescher $3.168 million for mental anguish, loss of reputation and loss of her business, a hair salon and day spa. Shannon Coyel and Charlie Doescher were ordered to pay Rhonda Lescher $1.056 million each. Sources: ABC News Citizen Media Law Project Wikipedia RSS fee Internet Removal YouTube Account Twitter Internet Removal, Facebook