Obscurity Online Project targets major mugshot websites

The Obscurity Online Project by Hacktivist Paolo Cirio targets MugshotsOnline.com, Mugshots.com, BustedMugshots.com, Jail.com, Using.com and JustMugshots.com.

The project Obscurity targets mug-shot websites by cloning them and scrambling their data to obfuscate the information on tens of millions of individuals who have been incarcerated in the U.S. The names, last names, and mug-shots are shuffled and the photos blurred to make the individuals listed unrecognizable, while the age, race, gender, location, and charges are kept accurate in order to provide social context on the arrests.

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Who Owns Mugshots.com by Fusion TV

These are the three individuals that are alleged to own Mugshots.com – Sahar Sarid, Thomas Keesee and Marc Epstein.

Sahar Sarid, Thomas Keesee, Marc Epstein

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


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Breaking: Who Owns BustedMugshots.coms & MugshotsOnline.com

Mugshotsonline.com, Kyle Prall


For years, many of us in the Internet Reputation Management Industry that have no affiliation with any of these sites have wondered who owns them. Like many individuals whose photos have appeared on this website, we too have checked the Domain Name Ownership records and Hosting providers as well as other public Internet documents. In the past, there has been numerous amounts of conflicting information on the owners and operators.

A December 2013 Inside Edition story has confirmed that bustedmugshots.com and mugshotsonline.com are owned by Kyle Prall residing in Austin, Texas. After the interview that Prall gave, his site bustedmugshots.com removed public access and now charges a fee for public access. On his other site, mugshotsonline.com, some of the mugshot photos in selected states have been removed.

Kyle Prall Owner BustedMugshots.com

Kyle Prall – Owner BustedMughots.com

Here are some addresses on these companies:


Inside Edition Investigates Mugshot Websites

Who owns JustMugShots.com?

Justmugshots.com Arthur D'Antonio

As lawmakers including several potential class action lawsuits have pushed to get these sites shutdown are at the very least removed from the Search Engine Results, the identities or ownrers of these websites have finally become public knowledge.

The identity the owner of one of the major mugshot websites appears to be Arthur D’Antonio who resides in Costa Mesa, California and operates justmugshots.com ( and mugshots.mobi ( As those website have been listed in recent lawsuits, more in the same IP Address range have cropped up. Both www.floridabusted.com ( and SouthernBlotter.com ( appear to be owned by the same company as JustMugShots.com. These new generation of Mugshot 2.0 sites feature a Video of the arrest record which is a well known tactic among Search Engine Optimization or SEO companies to elevate their position in the Search Engine Results.

Here’s the scoop on the owner of JustMugshots.com and these new sites.


Here’s a list of websites that are hosted in the same IP Address range.


Product Forums Google

Breaking: Who owns Mugshots.com?

Mugshots.coom Ryan Russell
For years, many of us in the Internet Reputation Management Industry that have no affiliation with any of these sites have wondered who owns them. One of these sites is Mugshots.com. Like many individuals whose photos have appeared on this website, we too have checked the Domain Name Ownership records and Hosting providers as well as other public Internet documents. In the past, there has been numerous amounts of conflicting information on the owners and operators.

Ironically, there are several new public documents in recent months that have began to surface on the public internet which allege the names or identities of those that operate the websites such as Mugshots.com. Several sources are now reporting that Mugshots.com and mugshotsworld.com were created by Ryan Russell of Austin, Texas. Although Ryan Russell claimed in a deposition that he only created the mugshots.com website code. Ryan is the founder of WhoLinkstoMe.com, that is owned by Star Nine Ventures. That company is also linked to bustedmugshots.com and mugshotsonline.com which are linked to an individual named Kyle Prall also residing in Austin, Texas.

Ryan Russell

Ryan Russell – Alleged Operator of Mugshots.com

Kyel Prall Owner BustedMugshots.com

Kyle Prall – Owner BustedMughots.com

Here are some addresses on these companies:

Ryan Russell
2128 Sage Creek Loop
Austin, Texas 78704

Star Nine Ventures
1604 Nueces St
Austin, Texas 78701
Better Business Bureau Link


Inside Edition Investigates Mugshot Websites

Florida HB 677 – Mugshot Removal Bill

HB 677, Mugshot Removal Bill, Carl Zimmerman Bill, SB 1060

Finally, a Politician that understands Internet Privacy, Rep. Carl Zimmerman, D-Palm Harbor has introduced Florida HB 677, a Mugshot Removal Bill. With an Effective Date of October 1, 2013, the bill requires that operators of Mugshot Websites remove a person’s name & information within a specified period after notice that person is acquitted or charges are dropped or otherwise resolved without conviction. It provides for a civil penalty against Mugshot Websites in Florida and provides for presumption of defamation against Mugshot Website Owners.

Here is a list of some of the Mugshot Websites in Florida and their current removal policies.

  • Mugshots.com – This Mugshot website has been collecting and cultivating mugshot photos and arrest records for websites for many years. The owner of this website is rumored to be in Florida but their true identity is unknown to the Internet Privacy Community. They charge $399 for one mugshot, $798 for 2, $1,197 for 3 and $1,479 for 4. Even if the charges were dropped or not adjudicated, they charge these fees. They use to provide Removal Services, but in 2012, a new site www.unpublisharrest.com was launched. In some cases, the removal service company (a reseller of mugshots.com) asks for you to email or fax them the court records. After reviewing the court records emailed, they may elect not to remove the mugshot. This company use to provide a free service for lawyers for removal of cases that were expunged or dropped, but that service was terminated in 2012. Mugshots.com provides a link to Facebook.com for facebook users to comment on any mugshot photo/arrest record. The company’s domain is registered in Belize City, Belize. Mugshots.com’s IP Address appears to be hosted by Amazon.com (
  • Florida.Arrests.org or Arrests.org – This company is owned by ex-con and entrepreneur Robert Wiggin of New Orleans, LA / Winter Park, Florida. There is no removal information on the website. The only contact information is the email address info@arrests.org. There are removal websites that allegedly remove the mugshots for $399. There is section for comments under each mugshot. The Domain is registered to a Carlos Diaz in the city of Panama, Panama. Their website appears to be hosted in Sweden (IP Their email address is info@arrests.org.
  • Jailbase.com – This company publishes Florida Mugshots on its website. There is a subscription service for users for $29.95 per month with detailed arrest information. They appear to resell mugshot data. They remove the information after 90 days. They have a contact form to remove inaccurate information only, not arrest information that was expunged, or the charges dropped. The company is located at 303 E. Gurley Street, #478 in in Prescott, Arizona. Their Email address: jailbase.support@gmail.com.

We’ve seen some of the cries on the Internet by the Mugshot Removal Company owners from their probable Multi-Million Dollar Homes with multiple sports cars in driveway. We’ve hard about their claim about their First Amendment Rights and their excessive costs to unpublish records from their database. The fact of the matter is that to remove a record from a database is simply minutes, deleting a database entry and a photo. The more costly expense is scanning the photos and photo copying the arrest records from the thousands of county courts offices throughout the United States. Since many of these companies are going back 10 or more years to put this information on the Internet, that’s where the money is being spent.

The real problem we’ve seen is that these mugshot websites are engaging in “reputation blackmail” and “extortion”. They are hiding behind the lack of Internet Privacy Laws. These sites don’t have to publish their Company Address and Location so if you are going to litigate against them, you’ll have to find them. In addition, the Search Engines like Google, Microsoft Bing and Microsoft Yahoo index their content. Facebook allows them to link their content. Hosting Services like Amazon host their services. Some of these companies even have their servers located in other countries to shield themselves from litigation.

Editors Note: At InternetRemoval.com, we commend Florida Representative Carl Zimmerman, (D-Palm Harbor) on his support of this very important Mugshot or Internet Privacy Bill. We believe this bill is very important to protect the privacy of the Internet.

HB 677 – MyFloridahouse.gov
Mugshots.com Blog – HB 677

Mugshot Removal Service

Remove Your Mugshot from Google

Over the past several months, we’ve had a number of new client’s come to us asking the question, how do they remove a Mugshot that shows up in Google Search Query? There are so many of these websites and they didn’t feel comfortable directly contacting these sites. Our company, InternetRemoval.com decided to add a Mugshot Removal Service. InternetRemoval.com will remove these Mugshots and related Personal Information and the related Search Engine Web Query Records (Google/Bing/Yahoo/AOL).

The goal of our Mugshot Removal Service is to have total or complete removal of all information and photos that appear on these private company websites. So far we have a very high removal success rate. These removals typically take 30 days or less.

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