How to Change Your Business Listing for Free in 60 Days

Remove Name from 5 Minutes -

Free Business Listing Add, Change, Remove

1. Go to and search for your Business.

2. If you business is listed, click on the link “Add, edit or remove a business listing”.

3. You can go to ( and register for an account to claim the listing. They will allow to change your Business Listing Information. They estimated it would take 55 days to complete the change.

4. You can email with the information to be changed. They provided no time estimate when the listing would be changed.

Note: In September 2012, we received an email that the changes were completed. We also noticed that our telephone number had been updated but not In October 2012, we noticed that there is no longer a link to the / website on the website. Their only alternative is at the $149 to $499 per year fee.

Premium Packages

5. If you are a Sprint Customer, they provide a different portal for registering your business. They also have a Premium Plus and Premium Listing for $19.99/month to $49.99/month.

6. There is a Premium Package Listing Vendor that will change your listing on as well as other sites. These Premium Packages are: $499 per year for 38 sites; $199 Immersion Package – 23 site; Online Directory 5-6 $199 sites; Search Engine $149 per year.

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