Mass Compromise: LinkedIn Passwords – 6.5 Million

LinkedIn is investigating the theft of 6.5 Million of its user passwords that have been publishing on a Russian computer hacking forum. The passwords are circulating in the form of a cryptographic “hash” which converts will let Hackers decipher your LinkedIn password. LinkedIn has 150 million users so it is possible your LinkedIn password was not compromised.That said it is recommended:

  • Immediately change your LinkedIn Password
  • If you use your same LinkedIn Password for other web based accounts, you should also change that password.
  • You should have a different password for every major website account that you have. When situations a mass compromise like this occurs, you would need to change only one password. See Article: Passwords: Protect Yourself from Getting Hacked

Here is the current information on their Twitter account:

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Updating Your Password on LinkedIn and Other Account Security Best Practices

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