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Digital Narcissism – Online Narcissism

Editors Note: At, we are following a growing number of individuals that are taking themselves off the Internet including deleting their Facebook Accounts like author Andrew Keen. These individuals are tired of unrestricted sharing of personal information on the Internet and are now taking active measures to remove themselves from the Internet.

What is Digital Narcissism? – Digital Narcissism Definition

Definition: There is no officially recognized definition of Digital Narcissism or Online Narcissism. Andrew Keen, first started talking about Digital Narcissism in 2006. In his new book, Digital Vertigo: How Today’s Online Social Revolution Is Dividing, Diminishing, and Disorienting Us talks about digital narcissism as: “a self-promotional madness driven by our need to continually manufacture our own fame to the world” … “This gives narcissists the opportunity to fall in love with themselves all over again, thereby creating a world of infinite “self-promotion” and “shallow “web relationships”. He calls Web 3.0 the era of digital Narcissism.

Andrew Keen and other online privacy advocates are opposed to unrestricted sharing of personal information on social media platforms and the idea of Web 3.0. He has deleted his Facebook account.

Andrew Keen – Digital Vertigo at TEDxDanubia 2011

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