Obama Administration Calls for A Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights for the Digital Age

Whitehouse Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights

The Obama Administration unveiled a “Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights” as part of a comprehensive blueprint to improve consumers’ privacy protections and ensure that the Internet remains an engine for innovation and economic growth. The blueprint will guide efforts to give users more control over how their personal information is used on the Internet and to help businesses maintain consumer trust and grow in the rapidly changing digital environment. At the request of the White House, the Commerce Department will begin convening companies, privacy advocates and other stakeholders to develop and implement enforceable privacy policies based on the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights.


Download Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights


  1. […] on the Internet. As a Data Broker collecting more than 5,000 names under President Obama’s Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights (February 2012) and the FTC’s Privacy Report (March 2012), he provides “NO REMOVAL POLICY” for […]

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